Here’s a short excerpt from a story that I’m writing….

Victoria ran through the thick woods, her long blonde hair, was swept behind her, as the wind hit her face, some got tangled in the branches and some was whipped back on her face, but she never once faltered. She needed to keep running. Running meant survival. She was close, maybe, three more miles to go, or was it four? Oh God she had lost sense of direction, she felt the panic start from her stomach.

No! Concentrate! Look around you, she quickly scanned the forest, there were the markings that only she would be able to recognize. She was okay. She was actually two miles away, good, she felt the relief wash all over her face and it gave her hope that she would arrive safe, but then she heard it. The roar. It sounded angry. Fear hit her like never before. She had heard that roar before and at that time it had been directed at someone else – no, not someone – at something else. By the time that she had gotten out of the danger zone It had gone though the change.

Now the roar was directed at her, it was warning her, it was telling her that he was coming after her. Victoria sobbed and he would play with her first, torture her and then kill her. Somehow, that thought gave her more energy and she ran harder, faster, she felt light, as if she was running on air, the scattered leafs, twigs and rocks didn’t bother her. The adrenaline rush helped her push back the pain from her suffering feet, later, much, much later she would feel it. But now her only worry was to get to the top.

She heard the trees from a distance fall, the cracking sounds, the birds flying and crying out. Oh God, it was coming – for her.

Lazy Day

In my house I want to stay
In my pj’s the whole day
Wondering from room to room
I think maybe I should use the broom
But I’m just too lazy
And it would make crazy
To think that I have work to do
But all this time I knew
Sooner or later I need to work
Thinking about it makes me go berserk
I should just grab the ax
Work it and them relax
I need to stop thinking about Monday
And just eat a delicious sundae.

Another race?

Have you ever been asked if you’re a different race from what you really are? I was on the bus once and this older gentleman came up to me and asked if I was Indian.  I had a hard time understanding him because he had a thick accent so I said yes (I had asked him to repeat himself like 3 times so I just decided to go with the flow) I told him I didn’t speak Punjabi.  We had a nice conversation.
Then I had a guy asked me if I was Jamaican, again I said yes,  this time I told him I was half white and half black.
Since then I have changed my story,  I have been half Chinese half Spanish or Arab and Korean and of course Canadian Aboriginal. I guess I have one of those faces, I can be any race I want.  It’s fun to see how people react. 
What have you been asked?  I’m curious to know.

Poetry Book

I’m currently preparing a poetry book that I plan to self publish with Amazon Kindle.  A lot of the poetry that I have there I wrote a few years ago and I have added new ones as well. 

My younger sister is an artist and she’s designing my cover page so once everything is done I will publish it. I’m nervous and I don’t expect for it to sell big time but it would be nice to see at least five people buying my book!

The release date is yet to be determined, so keep an eye out for Underneath The Moon and Other Poems.

If you are interested on my sisters art leave a message and let me know!