Another race?

Have you ever been asked if you’re a different race from what you really are? I was on the bus once and this older gentleman came up to me and asked if I was Indian.  I had a hard time understanding him because he had a thick accent so I said yes (I had asked him to repeat himself like 3 times so I just decided to go with the flow) I told him I didn’t speak Punjabi.  We had a nice conversation.
Then I had a guy asked me if I was Jamaican, again I said yes,  this time I told him I was half white and half black.
Since then I have changed my story,  I have been half Chinese half Spanish or Arab and Korean and of course Canadian Aboriginal. I guess I have one of those faces, I can be any race I want.  It’s fun to see how people react. 
What have you been asked?  I’m curious to know.


3 thoughts on “Another race?

  1. Usually people ask me whether I am from Planet Earth, followed by “do you come in peace? Can you bring back Elvis and Michael Jackson? “

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