So, I thought I should share a piece of a book that I have been trying to write for a long time now, I may change it later on but I wanted to share it, I hope you guys like it.

When my mother finally decided to leave the country, she had so many things to think about, money, food, safety and how to get there. I imagine she had to think of safety and money first before anything else. People always asked her, how did you do it? How did you cross the border with four children? And my mother would always smile and shrug, I have never known a braver woman than her.

There was no where to hide from the sun, my older sister Bianca held my hand tight and we walked fast, trying to keep up with our mother, who seemed to be lost. She looked down at both of us and held the baby on her other arm. With her right hand she held my older sister’s hand and her left hand she had our baby sister Sofia who was very fat and heavy. It was noon and we had been walking for what seemed like hours, my feet were hurting, my clothes sticking to our skin and the pony tail that I had was too tight, I must have made some kind of noise because my mom looked at me again, her brown eyes looked worried.

“We’re just waiting for your uncle” she assured us and she looked around, we were on a side walk and there were cars parked everywhere. This was the first time I had ever been here, my mom had taken my three sisters and me to Guatemala city. I don’t know why we were there except to get papers.

“Elena!” we heard our uncle Fernando call us, he had my younger sister Isabela with him. She looked cranky but as soon as she saw our mother she smiled.

“The girls need to eat, do you know where we can go? I tried looking but couldn’t find anything” she told him as my uncle put my sister down and grabbed the baby from her arms. “Thank you,” she told him, she looked tired.

“There’s a restaurant not too far from here,” he started to lead the way and my mom followed.

Once we were seating down they both started talking about the information she needed to have to make the trip.

“How long do you think it will be?” she asked him.

“We may have to stay at a hotel until tomorrow. The place was packed,” he continued, I continued to eat my fried chicken with rice and salad.

“Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?” he asked her and both my older sister Bianca and I looked at her, I kept reaching for the coke, but my mom grabbed it and put it furthest away from me.

“Clara eat your food first, drink later,” I knew the rules, but I still didn’t like to follow them.

“I have no choice,” I heard my mom answer my uncle.  “They will come back for us, sooner or later” she looked at all of us. “I would rather not be there when they finally show up” and I knew who she was talking about. Those men that had shown up at our house once, they had taken her and my baby sister to prison. My mom had spent a whole day in prison with her baby. Now that I’m older I wonder, where was human rights when you need them? How can a 6 month old baby be taken into prison with her mother? At the time I had no idea what was going on.


I felt the water rising, the deeper we walked into the river, the higher the water went, I whimpered and looked at my mom that held onto my older sisters hand tight and she kept her eyes on her who had Sofia with him.

“Mommy” I called and almost started crying, the water was up to my neck and I felt it pulling me, wanting to take me with it. What if I wasn’t strong enough? What if it did take me with it? My mom looked back “You’re alright, keep going” she assured me, Daniel was behind me.

“Don’t worry honey, I’m right behind you” he told me and this made me feel better, finally after it seemed like ages, we crossed the river, we were all wet and my mom let out a big sigh of  relief.

“We have to get out of here” the coyote told us. We grabbed our few belongings and started on another long walk.  When my mom had said we were going on a long trip, this is not what I had expected, mind you I had been too young to expect anything, but from the looks of it, we were only half way there, wherever that was.


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