Another death

This year it seemed the theme was death. The brother of an old friend passed away this weekend.  When my friend Tracy passed away last month I wasn’t able to cry,  I felt like in shock and in disbelief.  Today when I found out about my friends brother passing it was like I crumbled down and I just cried. I was at work too so I had people coming up to me asking if I was okay.

I hate when people ask me that. Obviously I’m not okay and it makes me cry harder.  No I don’t want you to say anything,  don’t hug me, don’t touch me just continue like you haven’t seen anything,  just let me be. I know I sound ungrateful, but breaking down at work is the worst.

It’s not that I’m pretending that’s it’s okay but if I’m gonna cry I want to do it in the privacy of my own room. 

Ugh what a year!  Last year a very close friend of mine died,  I found out through Facebook.  I was there checking it at work and saw R.I.P Dave. I was thinking what are his crazy friends up to this time? I clicked on his page and see the whole list of comments. That was devastating.  He lived in NYC, so I couldn’t go to his funeral. But again I broke down, that time I couldn’t even say a word, needless to say I was sent home – driven home by my supervisor.

Till this day I still receive Candy crush comments from his profile. It’s so depressing.

I’m really hoping next year will be a better one.


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