A friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer a few months back.  I found out about it a few weeks ago but I wasn’t allowed to say anything.  We have mutual friends and because I respect him, I kept it to myself. Recently, however, he’s now having to ask for help,  against his will since he’s a proud man but he has no choice.  He’s having a hard time paying for his medicine and keep his 2 autistic children in the same routine.
It is very sad to see him go through this because he’s a great friend and a wonderful father and a loving husband.  It breaks my heart to see all the good people having to through something this horrible.
I recently lost a coworker and friend, she had a heart attack in her sleep.  It was shocking,  I went around in a trance, disbelieving that she had passed on.  She had 3 autistic children as well.
At times like this I turn to God and He comforts me. And now I pray that Stefan will be okay because his family desperately NEEDS him! The children would not be the same without him.

This has not been a good year for me,  I Can’t wait for the new one to come!


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