The Warrior

He sat around the fire, looking from warrior to warrior, each of them were young, the youngest possibly only 15 years of age. He had gathered his counselor, his shaman and all the warriors. He wanted their input, for what he was about to do, would cost him his life and those of his warriors. This decision could not be left solely up to him, he did not want to go down in history as the man who destroyed his people. No, he wanted to be known for the man who made a country come together.

His dark brown eyes looked at each and every warrior, their dark skin like leather from being out on the sun too much, the fire in the middle was no small, slowly turning to ashes and smoke.

“What do you wish from us, leader?” his most fiercest warrior asked him, also his best friend.

“A decision needs to be made” he told them, and they all knew what he spoke of. The white man had come into their land and stolen their gold, their precious rocks and degraded some of their women and killed their children. It was impossible for his tribe alone to win the war.

“We must unite” he told them.

“We are united” another seasoned warrior told him.

“No, we are not” he disagreed, his shoulder length black hair barely moved as he spoke. Today there was no wind, only sun and humidity, but no one seemed to be bothered by it. They had been living in this land for hundreds of generations and now it was being threatened.

“We must go to the other tribes – We need the Chortis, Tawahkas, Tolupans, the Pech and so on. We must unite in order for our survival!”

“Those are our enemies you speak of” his best friend told him slowly. “How do you expect us to unite with them?”

“We have bigger enemy in our lands, all of us are fighting them. They come with weapons that we cannot comprehend. In order for us to survive, we must unite”

“They will betray us as soon as we turn our backs!” another warrior exclaimed

“No” he disagreed. “I have met with their leaders, they are honorable men, they will keep their word. They are nothing like that of the white man”

“But-?” Another warrior started protesting

“Do you want to become their slave? Do you want to see your wife raped and killed? Your child to be used for slavery?” he looked at them all. He could see the fear in their eyes. “This is what will become of our people if we do not unite now” he saw the understanding dawn on them slowly, each of them sat up straighter, unconsciously gripping their weapons.

“We will unite” his best friend was the first one to speak. “For the future of this land, for the future of our children and for the future of our descendants. We must fight for our freedom!” He heard the uproar and he smiled, he knew his warriors would see the light.

“When do we leave Lempira?” it was rare to hear his name now a days, normally everyone just called him leader.

“Tomorrow morning, we will go to the Chortis to begin negotiation” For the first time in years he could see a bright future for his people. He would do everything in his power to drive those so called Spaniards away from his land – the land that they had the audacity to name ‘Honduras’.


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