Challenge #1

Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell

Sorry for the wait, I had to rewrite the whole thing! 🙂 

The lights, the bodies, the grinding, the laughing, the drinking, I’m overdosing in ecstasy for tonight. I’m here to have fun with my friends and all I care about is to have a great time, to make memories so when tomorrow comes I’ll have a story to tell. I’m not here to make new friends I’m only looking for tonight and I don’t care what tomorrow brings. I look up across the room as I move my body to the beat of the music and see him. He’s staring transfixed on me, so I sway my hips more sexily so I can keep his eyes on me and I see him move towards me.


I see her from across the room, with swaying hips, her long wavy brown hair moving to her rhythm, and all I can think of is that I want her. She’s absorbed into the music, the sweat, her smile it drives me insane and all I can think of is I want her. I don’t even realize, that I have moved until I’m standing right in front of her. I lean forward and whisper let’s go.

She takes my hand and I lead us outside, tonight we’re only here to have fun till the moon disappears. We’re here to live our lives, to enjoy it and create memories for tomorrow. Nothing else matters but her and me.



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