Unconditional Love

I came home from work one day

“We got him!” my sister said.

My eyes went wide and followed her down the stairs

There he was was, so small, so black, so cute


I picked him up but he wouldn’t have it

He whimpered in my arms and I put him down

I sat on the floor and pet his head.

“Did we choose his name?”

“Not yet” my sister said.


We had to think about it for a week

Coming up with different names

Finally we settled on one that would be

Easy, meaningful and playful.


Yoshi would be his name.

He will be with us until

The day he dies.

We will love him with all his

Imperfections and crazy antics.


As the time passed by we



And loved him.


He taught us

To be silly

To be trusting

To love unconditionally


I will never know a love

More beautiful than the one

That my dog has given me.


One thought on “Unconditional Love

  1. mayor5 says:

    Indeed Its unconditional…


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