I have been asked by my friends to talk about a certain…individual if you will and how it affects me. So here goes nothing…

I met, let’s call him Mr. X about 5 years ago and like any other relationship, the beginning is always exciting, wide eye aspiring, new hope, new feelings, exhilarating even! How can it not be? As I settled with Mr. X, I heard rumours here and there, which I didn’t pay any mind to since as the saying goes “haters are gonna hate”. :/ However, 2 years into our relationship I realized no matter what I was trying to tell him, he always had an excuse, I let it go for a few months, until finally I called him on his lies. Mr. X didn’t like it and told me I was being unreasonable and wasn’t making any sense. I was extremely disappointed, being such an important and rich person I thought he would have had more class. I thought that the rules of courteous manners extended to all of us, however he thought differently. I always asked myself why? Why are you such an exception? What makes you so special? 

As time went by the questioning continued. Why didn’t he like me asking them? Why couldn’t he answer them truthfully? So, it finally got to the point that I was getting so disappointed and it started affecting my health. I went away and hardly gave him any notice. I don’t think he liked that – he would call me every 2 weeks! Why couldn’t he just let go? Let me be in peace?

Finally 3 months later I went back to him. I was scared, anxious, I didn’t want to come back, but felt I had no choice. I had nothing to show for, no one to back me up. So like any broken screwed up relationship, we went back together.

I’m not the same girl with big wide innocent eyes that looks up to him any more, no, I changed. I came back with a clear head and told him what I wanted. I told him as soon as a better opportunity showed up I would take it and never look back. We are now in a relationship where it’s settled. We have become acquaintances, where we politely tolerate each other but if he steps out of line, all hell will break loose. 






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