Autumn is here…

I don’t know what I hate most autumn, winter or spring. That’s right I only like the summer, no wait scratch that I LOVE summer! How can you not? The weather is gorgeous, light weather clothes, the hot sun hitting your skin, sweat running down my back, the big beautiful beaches, the birds are singing, the barbecues, the pool parties, etc. I can go on and on, but now that all this fun and exciting stuff is coming to an end, it makes me feel sad. I hate what autumn will bring, windy, rainy, disgusting weather, the leaves plastered to my car, my wet shoes, my hair a mess, ugh. Any else with me? What’s your favourite season? 


2 thoughts on “Autumn is here…

  1. Pooja Alok says:

    Monsoon’s mine.. The rains remind me of a lot of things.. Pretty writing


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