Betrayal or Responsibility?

One of the things that most of us struggle with or maybe I’m just talking about myself is that we are not able to live our dream job. Is it just me? No? Okay then, this makes me feel better! One of the reasons I started with this blog is because I want to feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Yes, I have my full time job and this is the one that keeps food on my table and a roof over my head. But, why do I have to sacrifice my dream for this? Why must I do what society expects me to do? I have defied society already; first I am 34 year old woman, I have no kids and not married. Shocking!! Yet I have bought my own house and I’m financially independent. My life is on the right track…and I still want more. Selfish? I don’t think so. 

It’s my right to want what I want, but also my right to fight for what I want. If you don’t like how I think, then that’s your problem and not mine! So for today just keep thinking positive, write down your goals and take action! 


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